Iron Balusters and Metal Balusters

Iron Balusters

Your home reflects your style. Be sure to choose the iron baluster that reflects your sense of taste. Why focus on the replacement balusters? When you enter a home or building, the focal point is often the staircase. Iron balusters complement any space. Plus, your space feels larger and more open with iron balusters. Steel City Stair Supply offers a variety of Carolina Stair iron balusters. Choose from Regular Twist, Tapered Twist, Tapered and Hammered, Ribbon Twist, Hand Forged, Wave and Curl Forged Iron, Forged Gothic, Fusion Brushed Nickel and Square Stamped lines of iron balusters. See them all here – plus more accessories that make them simple but stunning DIY projects that look like they were installed by professionals!

Metal Balusters

Metal balusters add a touch of class and beauty to your home. And if you’re selling your home, the value of replacing your old balusters with Carolina Stair metal balusters is a great ROI because it’s an easy DIY project that makes a quick, visible impression the moment anyone walks into the room. Metal balusters also last longer and offer superb strength and support. Carolina Stair offers a wide range of protective veneers that resist the elements, making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. When it comes to style – choose metal balusters from Carolina’s Stair’s many finishes to embellish your home with just the look and feel.

Waterproof and Deck Exterior Balusters

Be confident in your choice of metal balusters for exterior use with Carolina Stair’s carefully treated waterproof balusters. Their resistant powder coatings make Carolina Stair’s iron balusters perfect for use indoors or for outdoor applications that need to hold up to the elements, even in winter months. Select varieties available.