Rail Zip Clips Make Baluster Installation Easy

Rail Zip Clips Offer Flexibility and Customization

The exclusive Rail Zip Clip™ system makes installation of your new iron balusters a breeze. Available in Satin Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Oil-Rubbed Copper, you have a variety of options for a truly customized look with the matching detailed designs of beautiful ½ inch metal balusters. So take opportunity to go get your dream look by replacing your old, worn-out, or broken wooden balusters is easier than ever with our exclusive Rail Zip Clip System.

Install Iron Balusters Like the Pros

Rail Zip Clips are great for your DIY project, or for anyone who's looking for an easier way to install their ½ inch metal baluster! These easy-to-install products come 2 per pack. Just watch how simple it is to install or take the short time to follow our easy instructions to get your home’s new look going. Carolina Stair Supply’s Rail Zip Clip™ System is what you need to make your installation a breeze, and will have your home’s balustrade looking beautiful! These packages include either 2 base shoes, 2 pitch shoes, or 1 base and 1 pitch shoe. There’s no need to spend a lot on this DIY project – it’s economical and simple – and what an impact it makes on the style of your home!

Works with Any ½ Inch Metal Baluster

Choose any one-half inch metal baluster – add the easy-to-use Rail Zip Clip – and you’ve just simplified a project that will instantly give your stairway and the rest of your home the style you’ve been looking for. So, if you're looking for a way to modernize your staircase with the latest – and hottest – trend out there...look no further than Carolina Stair's Zip Clips.