Collection: Contemporary Series

For an ultra modern and versatile look, you can't beat Carolina Stair's Contemporary line.

This is the line of extremes. While it works well with modern homes because of its sleek, square straight lines and clean detail, it also fits just as well into early 20th century homes. Talk about extreme ends of the spectrum!

Some turn-of-the-20th century homes feature a similar straight, square baluster that is a perfect match for this line.

Both the balusters and newels can be fluted, plain, or they can come with horizontal "V" grooves. The edges can also be chamfered (beveled)

This line contains our 0150 round pool cue baluster that is available in lengths of 36", 39", and 41". Our 0125 and 0175 balusters are available in fluted, plain, or VFL (horizontal "V" groove, fluted). These are also available as a primed baluster.

The matching newels are the 4050 A & B (available by special order only), 4002 and 4003 (both of which are able to be fluted by special order), as well as the 4004, 4005, and 4006 ball top and tear drop top.

For a versatile style where sleek and modern meets old world style... that's Carolina Stair's Contemporary line!